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Immobili di Pregio Ville Casali Vendita.
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property real estate for sale
property real estate for sale
property real estate for sale
property real estate for sale


  1. First meeting with the owners to view the property, to estimate and discuss its market value.

  2. Writing a detailed description of the property and of its surroundings.

  3. Making digital interior and exterior pictures with professional cameras.

  4. Possibility of a DVD video.

  5. Inserting the advert on website .

  6. Promoting the property with our agencies based throughout the world.

  7. Presenting the property to our international database of clients.

  8. Personally accompanying the clients to view the property.

  9. Interpreting and translation service.

  10. Preparing the preliminary agreement of sale.

  11. Registering the preliminary agreement of sale as requested by law.

  12. Full assistance and service until the date of completion.

  13. Organize the transfer of title of all the utilities-

  14. Providing a copy of the final contract of purchase.


  1. Italian members of staff with perfect knowledge of the area.
  2. Bilingual staff.
  3. Initial contact with clients via e-mail and /or telephone to discuss specific requirements .
  4. Arranging accomodation if required.
  5. Presenting an exclusive collection of properties to choose from.
  6. Personally accompanying the clients to viewing a suitable selection of properties.
  7. Expert advice on buying process.
  8. Negotiating the purchase on the buyer’s behalf.
  9. Organizing an independent structural survey of the chosen property if required.( the cost of the survey is not included in our fee ).
  10. A licensed Estate agent will personally check the title at the Urban and Land Property Registry (catasto) making sure also that there are no pre-emption rights and or any registered obligations or rights concerning the property that may prejudice the buyer’s interests.
  11. Personally meeting the Notary public to carry on all the necessary researches.
  12. Obtaining “Codice Fiscale” ( tax code) for the purchasers if required.
  13. Arranging opening a Bank account introducing to a local bank with English speaking manager.
  14. Personally organizing the “compromesso”( preliminary agreement of sale) with translation.
  15. Registering the compromesso accordingly to the new government’s laws.
  16. Offering personal assistance in mortgages for restored and un-restored properties.
  17. Providing Power attorney service for completion.
  18. Arranging the signing of the final contract of purchase .
  19. Accompanying the client to the bank to arrange the final payment.
  20. Co-ordinating the final contract with the Notary.
  21. Organizing the transfer of title of all the utilities.
  22. Introducing to an English speaking accountant who will help in paying the various annual taxes.
  23. Arranging property’s insurance.
  24. Providing an authenticated copy of the final contract of purchase .
  25. Organizing property management and maintenance service if required.
  26. Helping with the restoration.
  27. assistance for interior design.
  28. Personalized assistance throughout the whole process until completion.
  29. Organizing security system.
Romolini Real Estate Agency
Romolini Real Estate Agency
Romolini Real estate
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Romolini Real estate
Romolini Real estate
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